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Nieves González Fernández-Villavicencio

Blog: bibliotecarios2-0.blogspot.com



"Crea nuevas, unicas y utiles páginas web, alójalas en un amigable sitio web que Google pueda entender, asegúrate que tus usuarios la conocen y participa en la conversación con ellos."


  • Visualiza tu estrategia en medios sociales
  • Mide la disponibilidad de tu organización para implementar un programa de marketing en medios sociales
  • Documenta tus objetivos
  • Fija el calendario de tus actividades
  • Traza y mide el éxito de tus esfuerzos en el plan de marketing


Taller Marketing 2.0 y bibliotecas





  1. Los antecedentes: Bibliotecas y marketing, un relación dificil
  2. La realidad:
    1. Algunos conceptos de marketing 2-0
    2. Qué son Los medios sociales.
    3. Qué uso de las redes sociales para el marqueting están haciendo las bibliotecas
  3. Diseñando un plan de marketing
    1. Elementos de un plan de marketing
    2. El community manager
    3. La estrategia de marketing
    4. Y ahora cómo medimos?  
  4. Trucos con algunos recursos: 
    1.  Recurso TWITTER
    2.  Recurso FACEBOOK 
  5. Algunos ejemplos de políticas de uso de los medios y redes sociales
  6. Comenzamos... 
  7. Bibliografía




Blog de José Luis Menéndez

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Blog de Aaron Tay


Blog de Nieves González


Reader de Moreno Barros (Ifla 2010)

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You work hard to build collections and offer services that support your library users. In turn, ProQuest supports you with resources that make it easier to promote awareness and usage of your offerings. Please share these free resources with your colleagues.

  • Marketing Your Library: Heroes, Tips and Tools. This videotaped presentation is great if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas on how to create targeted, high-impact, low-cost ways to reach and engage existing and new customers/users. You’re also welcome to download the accompanying PowerPoint presentation.
  • Library Tools. Start here if you want help promoting awareness and usage of your online resources. You can download search widgets, a library marketing toolkit targeted to your specific type of library, and other tools.
  • Training and Materials. If your online collections include resources from ProQuest and you, your colleagues, or your library users want to learn more about them, take advantage of complimentary product training and materials.

Enhancing the Online Research Experience
What else can you expect from us in 2010? We’re getting ready to introduce the all-new ProQuest. With a platform built from the ground up—drawing from experience and input from librarians and library users—the new ProQuest will make information more discoverable across a spectrum of subjects for a variety of users. Its core is a single platform for all content, with a single content store, a single search engine, and a consolidated user experience. We're creating the best search experience possible for users, while simplifying administration of e-resources for librarians.

To discover more, start here.






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